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Tee Booking Policy

It has been identified that there is an issue with people not turning up for their tee bookings, especially during peak times on the weekend. The club policy is as follows:

If you have an individual booking and you do not turn up for your tee time you have 48hours to provide Steven Heyes with a legitimate reason as to why you could not make it. If a reason is not provided within this time frame it will be assumed that there is not a good reason and this will be considered your first strike. If this is to happen a second time you will be moved to the back of the field the following week. Finally, if this is to happen a third time then you will lose your booking privileges for two weeks.

The same goes for group bookings. The person that is in charge of each group will need to let Steven Heyes know how many people they have by Wednesday morning. If less people turn up without them giving a legitimate reason, they will be given a warning. If it happens again the entire group will be moved to the back of the field. Just like the individual bookings, if this happens a third time, the group will lose their booking for two weeks and will have to book individually.

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