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Tour update

OK, so listen up all budding tourists. Captain Fantastic suggests we all bone up on some of the finer details of the tour - just so we are not at a disadvantage. Questions like :-

How am I getting to the airport?

The long term parking at the airport is quite good value at the moment so you may want to consider car-pooling and leaving a vehicle at the terminal carpark. About $48 uncovered or $80 if you want a nice covered one with walkway access to the terminal. Way cheaper than a couple of cab rides there and back. Click here to go to the booking link.

What time do I need to check in at the airport?

Please assist touring operations by being at the airport around 6:00 a.m. (i.e. at least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time (7.10 am). If you are not checked in at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure you will not be able to check-in for your flight. Arrival after this time may result in you forfeiting the entire fare paid. And perhaps getting a slap around from your fellow travellers.

As we have over 40 sets of golf clubs to get on board it will be advisable to be checked in as early as possible to ensure they actually get on the plane.

What is my Baggage allowance?

There is a 20 kg maximum allowance for checked-in baggage. Please note that this includes golf clubs. Jetstar adhere strictly to this allowance and will charge excess baggage if over the 20kg limit! You have been warned.

A carry bag of up to 10kg can be taken on board as long as it is within carry bag dimensions. So the best advice is to travel light and include as much clothing etc in your carry on bag. And then of course fight with your buddies to see who can get their gear in the overhead locker first.

Moose claims he could do under the 20Kg limit on his ear whereas Roger may just ante up regardless. Make your own choice - the smart money is on keeping it simple.

What golf gear do I bring?

This is entirely up to the individual but remember we are 'on the road'. So in other words maybe the big tour bag with all the compartments is not the best option. Trundlers will not be required (except at Arrowtown). At Arrowtown for those who are taking carry bags no problem, others may want to hire a trundler. We will find out what is available and let you know soon.

How should I behave on tour?

We are not your mothers so please use your own discretion when deciding what to do and what not to do. We do ask however that you remember that for the flights, accommodation and golf aspects of the tour we are bookled as an 'Akarana' group. That means that while doing any of the aforegoing you are representing the club and we would expect your behavior to be more than acceptable.

Aside from that you are on your own and can do what you like. We suggest however that if you end up hand-cuffed to a downtown Queenstown lampost with your daks round your ankles please to do not be wearing an Akarana shirt (or cap).


Tour overview (click any of the links below to view website details)

Dates      Thursday 17th to Monday 21 February

Flying     Jetstar Airways

Touring   Alpine Taxis

Staying   Millenium Hotel - Queenstown

Playing   Millbrook, Arrowtown, Jacks Point.

Coming.........who are the favourites for the top prizes? We interview a couple of likely contenders.

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