Akarana Golf Club News

The Changing-rooms Project


The changing rooms at the Club are in need of a complete revamp and we are planning to do this as soon as practical. For a number of years we have postponed this restoration project as we examined multi sports facilities and the amenities that a development like that might provide.

Given that these plans have now been parked the Board has decided that the project needs to be undertaken and a formal plan to complete this is currently underway. We are lucky that we have some generous members who contribute to projects such as this and we thank them in advance for their assistance. 

Taking the changing room amenities out of action has it's own set of logistics so in order to be as least disruptive as possible the timing is likely to be coincided with the colder weather when the golf club is not quite as busy.

The plans are being drawn up now for new showers, vanities, toilets and associated changing facilities. We will post more details of the final project when the construction parameters have been agreed. 

Watch this space .......

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