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Captains News Update

From The Women's Captain

Afternoon Ladies,

By now you will have heard, New Zealand is about to go into lockdown, for at least 4 weeks, which means self isolation . Contact with only those in your immediate household. Time to catch up on all those chores we never have time for as we are always on the golf course. Read a book, weed the garden etc.Another suggestion has been  carpet putting. Remember the golf course will still be there at the end of this , just the rough will be longer😢 It will also help all those niggly injuries to heal.

I urge you to keep in touch with one another, Whatsapp groups are great , your comments may put a smile on someone's face😊

Remember  you can take a walk , walk the dog (my cat doesn't like walk unfortunately) just keep your distance from others out walking.

Some of you will have friends that have  English as a second language, please talk to them about this, as we are all in this together.

Keep safe everyone.



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